Hiya guys! We're in the middle of a huge gameplay overhaul to add a "deck building" aspect to the movie making, actually incorporating some more strategy into the game. Right now things are pretty rough, but we finally feel we have enough to show off to you guys, so that everyone can see the direction we'd like to head in!

We've also recently updated our Itch page to match some of our new assets!


- New Animation Added: Blowjob!

- Gallery Unlock: View all of the CGs immediately, from the gallery mode! (temporary)

- Brand new overhauled gameplay systems- play cards to create your movie!

- New Background Theme! Pirates theme now has a new background!

- UI Updates! Made some tweaks to existing UI & presentation to clean things up a bit

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Where is the download link?


Back on the main part! It's the embedded web version.